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At Moxaco Global Cargo Co.,Ltd., we provide full service, one stop coverage of all your logistics needs.

Container Ship

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

LCL allows smaller businesses to transport the supply they need to meet consumers demand, rather than shipping a large quantity of product that may significantly exceed demand.

It is flexible for businesses that need to moving their productions smoothly, but don’t have sufficient volume and time to fill a Full-Container Load. Moxaco Global Cargo Co., Ltd. offers cost effective services for these types of shipments.

Our Less-Than-Container Load(LCL) services provides reliable transit times and convenient schedule for your LCL shipments. it’s possible to ship your products quickly to respond to market demand.

Container Cargo ship with working crane bridge in seaport for logistic import export background and transport industry.

Full Container Load (FCL)

For the convenience of our customers, Moxaco Global Cargo Co.,Ltd. offers both full container load (FCL) and less-than-container load (LCL) shipping services to meet your export needs. FCL shipping allows you to reserve a standard full container for your cargo shipment.

Containers are available in several different types and sizes. The most common choices are 20ft, 40ft, long, but there are taller and longer containers available as well. It is also possible to reserve a refrigerated, flat rack or open top and heavy tested containers that fit unusually shape or specialty cargo. At Moxaco Global Cargo Co.,Ltd., we can arrange for any type of containers that will best suit your needs.

New Japanese car waitng for import at Kawasaki sea port , Japan

Roll On Roll Off (RORO)

It is preferred method for transporting wheel vehicles, heavy machineries, oversize trucks, trailers, tractors, bulldozers, construction vehicles, mobile home, backhoes, RV’s and many other types of oversize cargo internationally.


A vehicle is driven onto a ship, secured below deck and driving off when the ship reaches its destination. RORO is more cost-effective than container and also requires less direct handling. This method can also be used to transport vehicles without wheels, such as boats, helicopters, and heavy plants equipment. RORO shipping is often the only suitable method of ocean transportation for these heavy machineries and tall oversized vehicles.


Warehousing and Inland Transport

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, Moxaco Global Cargo Co.,Ltd. will arrange for safe and secured warehouse for your needs. Our global network of top qualities and rich experienced teams that specialized in handling any kind of cargo will take a day to day responsibilities to provide a secured storage facility for your valuable cargo.

We also provide fast and reliable inland trucking services with the most efficient solutions that suit your needs. Our integrated Global network that ensures safety by providing suitable and convenient trucking services. pick-up and timely delivery.


Customs and Brokerage Experts

Moxaco Global Cargo Co.,Ltd.’s customs clearance operation teams is one of the most experienced in the logistics industry. We recognize our obligation to act responsibly on behalf of our valuable customers in our declarations.
When dealing with export and import declaration, our value customer need to follow several regulations and required professional assistant in this regard to avoid any kind of irregularities and costly penalties.

Our brokerage team will facilitate the smooth and timely movements of your merchandise through government requirements and all necessary declaration are complete accurately and on time for your import and export shipments that we minimize delay and the risk associated with moving freight across international borders.

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Cargo Insurance

At Moxaco Global Cargo Co.,Ltd., we provide different cargo insurance options that protect against loss or damage to your cargo in transit oversea. Cargo insurance is essential to ocean freight transportation and protect your goods from storms, seawater flooding, act of God, vessel collision and unforeseeable event.

We can arrange suitable insurance protection for temperature controlled cargo and public liability insurance for hazardous goods movement.