Dangerous Goods By Sea

When shipping hazardous goods by sea, such as flammable gases or radioactive substances, you are required to label the cargo as dangerous goods and follow strict regulations under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods(IMDG) code. This is to ensure that no harm to the handlers or it cause no damage to the shipping vessel, environment and other properties. This help all handlers quickly identify the cargo and take appropriate measure for handling and moving it safely.

There are nine categories in which dangerous goods are classified.

Class 1.


Class 2.


Class 3.

Flammable Liquids

Class 4.

Flammable Solids and other Flammable substances

Class 5.

Oxidizing substances and Organic Peroxides

Class 6.

Toxic and Infectious substances

Class 7.

Radioactive Material

Class 8.

Corrosive Substances

Class 9.

Miscellaneous Dangerous substances

Requirements for Shipping Dangerous Goods by Sea.

All cargos that qualify as dangerous goods must meet the mandatory IMDG requirements and export and import permission no matter their point of origin or destination.

Correct Labelling & Classification: Hazardous goods fall in to different classification under IMDG code need to be appropriately labelled before they are shipped. This helps all on the supply chain quickly identify the cargo and move it safely.
packaging: Acceptable packaging will depend on the classification and type of cargo. For hazardous cargo, shipper must select appropriate inner and outer packaging materials that keep it safe and easy to transport.
SDS (Safety Data Sheet) documents describing details information direction for safely handling and moving dangerous cargo.
License: it is required that shipper obtain permission for export and import of chemical materials. you risk having your shipment delay or denied entry at port if you have not properly prepared your hazardous cargo and the appropriate documents for shipping dangerous goods.
We can help you complete the necessary documentation, arrange packaging, ensure your dangerous goods meet all required export and import regulations.